World Cup 2022 Fever! Where to Watch Football in Pattaya?

World Cup 2022 Qatar

World Cup 2022 fever has officially started. The world is taking a break from work hours to enjoy the games, and people are on glued to their sofa in their homes to watch the matches.

The 2022 World Cup will be the 21st FIFA World Cup and will take place in Qatar. It is expected to be one of the most expensive sports events ever. The event will be hosted by Qatar, which is a first Arab country to host this event.

The World Cup has always been a place for national teams to come together and show off their unity. It also helps unite countries for a brief period of time, even if they have had tensions in the past. For people to come together for a month to enjoy the beautiful game of football. Everything is pause at the moment, politics is step to a side, arguments with families is on pause, mid-terms, working hours, and even your fight with your loved ones is on pause. In the moment, you are all glued to your tv or news application to check the scores.

World Cup 2022 is a big moment of the continent of Asia as a whole, and the Middle East. As World Cup 2022 as mentioned is the first Arab nation to host the World and for Asia a pride that is back after a joint host by Japan and South Korea is 2003. Secondly, World Cup in Qatar brings to the game of football new technological advances. New technology in the game such as a nano-chip is in the football to check if the players are in a offside position or not.

The question arise for residences of Pattaya or visitors seeking to travel to Pattaya for a short rental villa Holiday in Pattaya. The million dollar question is:

Where Do I Watch The World Cup 2022 in Pattaya?

Everyone (my opinion)
World Cup 2022 Qatar
World Cup 2022 Qatar. Where to Watch in Pattaya. PHOTO: pattayamail

We are here to give you popular bars and restaurants in Pat

taya to enjoy World Cup 2022 which is also the 21st FIFA World Cup Edition in Qatar.

Best Bars To Watch World Cup in Pattaya?

We will dive right in our first recommendation on our list.

Robins Nest Bar

The FIFA World Cup games are confirmed to be broadcast at Robins Nest Bar. With multiple huge TVs, air conditioning, and a front patio with natural light. The address of Robins Nest in Pattaya is 22/42-44, moo 10, Soi Diana Inn.

Robin Hood Tavern

The Robin Hood Tavern has confirmed that they would broadcast World Cup matches. The Robin Hood is located in Central Pattaya's The Avenue Shopping Mall, also known as Major Cineplex.

The Lion Pub

Lion Pub Pattaya City
The Lion Pub in Pattaya City

One of Pattaya's top sports bars, The Lion Pub, broadcasts all of the FIFA World Cup matches live or on replay. Twenty TVs are available at Lion Pub for viewing the action. The Lion Pub can be found in Muang Pattaya's Thep Prasit 8 Alley.

Fraser's Pub

All of the FIFA World Cup football matches are shown at Fraser's Pub in Jomtien, Pattaya. Twelve big TVs may be found in Fraser's.

The Sportsman Pub

The FIFA World Cup matches will be broadcast at The Sportsman Pub. The Sportsman Pub can be found in Pattaya at Soi 13.

In other words you can even watch the World Cup from pretty much anywhere you like, that have an internet connection. You can watch it on your smart phone or any device you got. You can even watch it at a family-friendly restaurant if you want to have a good time with your family. You can even rent a villa at Pattaya with your mates and have a nice short week off taking a break from work. Or any suggestion you can watch in a rooftop bar at called Pippa at Mytt Hotel Pattaya. The rooftop bar is quite eye-catching with its drink and of course the exterior design.

Pippa Rooftop Bar Pattaya
Pippa Rooftop Bar in Pattaya City

Finally thoughts it is World Cup fever and you should enjoy the beautiful game anywhere you like and with everyone. Hug, smile, let all for your emotions go on a rollercoaster ride, and just enjoy. As presently the World Cup is providing some shocking moments of Argentina and Germany losing their opening match.

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