In-N-Out Burger: Pop Up in Bangkok for (4) Hours. Get Ready!

Burger from the famous In-N-Out chain from Califrnia

Update on new Burger Spot confirm month opening in Bangkok City. Shake Shack confirm to open it doors in March at Central World first floor.

Shake Shack March 2023 Open Update

The wait is finally over: Shake Shack is opening its first Thailand location in March at CentralWorld located in the first floor. Thai-Indian artist Navin Rawanchaikul was chosen to create a stunning mural for the occasion and the restaurant layout which is trendy and modern. Rawanchaikul is well-known for his vintage movie poster-style paintings, but he's also worked with many other mediums. The mural is described as "a voyage in art and gastronomy," and if you take a closer look you'll spot faces of the artist, Shake Shack's founder Danny Meyer, and CEO Randy Garutti.

Shake Shack Burger Restaurant Design in Bangkok
Shake Shack Burger Restaurant Design in Bangkok: Photo

Shake Shack began as a humble hot dog cart in 2001 at Madison Square Park in New York, but today it’s a global phenomenon with more than 400 locations worldwide. The cart was created to support Rawanchaikul's "I Heart Taxi" exhibition. It featured taxi statues on stilts that gave people shelter and shade in the park.

Shake Shack Thailand plans to open 15 branches by 2032 - so get ready to enjoy delicious burgers and shakes for years to come! After years of anticipation, the opening of Shake Shack is finally here. Bangkok, it's time to welcome the iconic burger joint with open arms!

They are no menu outs yet if they is going to be any special menu items carter to Thailand or extra spicy yet juicy beef burger for Thailand. But we can confirm is that be ready in March 2023 juicy beef burgers, crispy fries and large milkshakes!

If your taste for delicious and juicy burgers can't wait. Check out these 5 juicy and best burgers in Pattaya to try before March 2023 rolls along.

“I Heart Taxi” เป็นการแสดงงานศิลปะของคุณนาวิน ลาวัลย์ชัยกุล ศิลปินไทยเชื้อสายอินเดีย บอกเล่าผ่าน Taximan...

Posted by Shake Shack Thailand on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Burger fans are ready for tomorrow, November 9, 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand. California's famous In-N-Out Burger is opening its pop-up store for only FOUR (4) hours at Siam Discovery ground floor, as reported by

You heard it correctly: burger lovers, one of the US's most famous burger chain franchises, is coming around again after 4 years. Remember what happened four years ago when the chain did a pop-up in Bangkok. The sad sign for "Sold Out" was put on.

Tomorrow gets ready to tackle the rush of the juicy famous Californian burger for In-N-Out prepared to serve you in Siam Discovery from 12 pm noon till 4pm ground floor. For four hours, the delicious In-N-Out burger grills those burgers for you in Siam Discovery.

PS: if you do not make it, do not worry. Bangkok's first Shake Shack chain opening soon in 2023, confirmed in Central World, as reported by It might be some wait for the New York chain burger restaurant, but get ready for some fantastic milkshakes, and juicy burgers, with unique sauces, maybe even a secret menu of Thai Tea Milkshake or Krapow Beef Burger.

Miss the west coast of America, do not worry East Coast Shake Shack from New York is about to serve soon in 2023.

Burger graphic from Shake Shack opening in Thailand soon
Shake Shack coming soon to Thailand in Central World: PHOTO

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