Best 5 Juicy Burgers Must Try in Pattaya

Burgers in Pattaya

The smell of a juicy burger in your hand, ready to munch after long hours for travel or work in Pattaya. Even though Pattaya is famed for its seafood and eating grilled chicken dripping in chili sauce on the beach. Instead of going out for a delicious meal of curry paste stir-fry octopus, of Pattaya known dishes and reasons Pattaya attracts plenty of visitors.

However, burgers with fries overlooking the beach in Pattaya on some days sounds amazing.

Do not get us wrong, a bowl of grilled chicken by the beach is amazing. But sometimes you want that juicy char-grilled meat sandwich between two toasted buns overlooking the beach is awesome too. 

Let go on a burger tour of Pattaya City

Best Burgers in Pattaya

Burgers in Pattaya
Teo Burger in Pattaya: SOURCE
  • 1. Streak & Co

    We understand the irony here. Best burgers in Pattaya, but the first recommendation the restaurant name is streaks. Look at the picture of the burger at this place.

    Huge steaks, outstanding roast dinners, and other Western-style meat dishes are what Steak & Co. is most known for. But when you include the burger, your options are truly endless. You'll become addicted as soon as you take that first bite. Some would argue the sauce taste similar to Shake Shack sauce. Shake Shack is confirm to open at Central World, Bangkok in 2023. 

  • 2.Prime Burger

    The Phuket-based Prime Burger chain opened a location in Pattaya's Soi Buakao in 2019. All of the burgers at this restaurant are named after cities, so the "London" burger has a double egg, the "New York" burger has pickles and ketchup, and the "Paris'' burger has truffle mayo and Dijon mustard. Intriguing sides like curly fries, waffle fries, and chili cheese poppers are also available.

  • 3.Teo

    To meet the requirements of the local expat community, a number of fresh and innovative restaurants have been attracted to the Lake Mabprachan region in recent years. The heart of East Pattaya now has true American cuisine thanks to Teo's. At roughly 300 baht, this establishment provides excellent value for what many consider to be a daily fresh-baked bun.

  • 4.Tigglebites

    A great American restaurant, Tigglebitties, is located on Pattaya Tai 17, the road to the Land Office. On the menu, you can find Pecan Pie, Crispy Chicken, Cinnamon Rolls, Corn Bread, Barbecue Ribs, and of course some excellent burgers that are described as ones “just like Mom used to make”.

  • 5.New York Diner

    Lastly, we just want a juicy burger late at 3am after a long night out. At New York Diner nearby, that's what we got. The New York Diner is a terrific place to fill up before or after a wild night and can be located in the i-Bar on Walking Street. They only provide high-quality burgers at a reasonable price; a good way to end the night.

New York Style Burger in Pattaya
New York Style Burger in Pattaya:SOURCE

A juicy beef burger with fries on the side, good quality meat, affordable price. Great way to end the night on a high note. 

After going out to various burger joints in Pattaya, afterwards it is nice to go and relax at a pub. Check out the guide of the best sports bar in the city to watch footballs, basketball, or chill out.

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