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For you investing in real estate is about a constant source of passive income via earning rental yields. Investing in real estate is a great way to generate passive income through rental yield to build wealth. There are many different ways to invest in real estate and it’s important to find the right investment vehicle for you. In real estate investing is a great way to earn regular income and it can be done by many different property types such as: apartments, condos, villa, townhouses, a house, and more. The return of investment (ROI) is made by rental yield or the appreciation of the property. 

First, let's understand the definition of rental yield and later on the calculation of rental yield of your real estate investments. 

According to mortgage choice, rental yield is essentially the difference between your total costs and the income you earn from renting out your home, is the amount of money you make on an investment property. 

Understanding and knowing how real yield operates helps you strategies the ongoing return on your investment. As when it comes time to review the rent on your real estate investment, it can be helpful to understand the return of your investment. 

Furthermore, knowing a property’s rental yield helps guide you to decide if it is the best location for your investment goals or if you could earn a higher rental yield by investing in a different property or in a different location. Importantly as rental yield of your investment is, location is the primary focus on how high or low your return of investment is to have constant income. 

How to Calculate Rental Yield?

Calculating rental yield is about deducting any expenses related to the property, or in this case the rent return. In other words, it is your annual rent divided by the market value of your property at the moment. 

Additional information as to properly estimate your property value in the current market condition, can take some time. However in the age of technology plenty of property companies or proptech, created information learning technology using various software, and passed data transactions to estimate your currency property value in under 2 minutes. The software is called Automated Valuation Model, and to understand more on the model, read the AVM guide here. 

Pro Tip: To try out the model of AVM, click here. As AVM depends on the location you and the country your property is located. 

To calculate they are 8 must have calculation of your return of investment in real estate. In this guide we focus on calculating gross rental yield for inventors seeking constant passive income through real estate. 

How To Calculate Gross Rental Yield 

Gross Rental Yield

The gross rental yield calculation method is simple to use for novice investors and even season investors. Gross rental yield formula's calculation does not take financial charges and expenses into account. Instead, it merely takes into account the cost of the purchased property and the rent that is anticipated to be earned annually. The formula below can be used to compute it.

Gross Rental Yield = (expected rental income of the whole duration of the year / purchase property price) x 100. 

For example, your apartment you purchase and rent out is at $2,956 per month and the purchased price of your apartment property was at $732,272. In the majority of cases, the tenants lease is for the whole year. In which case the monthly rental is $2,956 x 12 = $35,472 expected rent for the whole year. 

The rate of return of gross rental yield is calculated as followed: 

Return of rent = ($35,4724 / $732,272) x 100 =  4.84%

When error is calculated using this method, the rate of return may be exaggerated. Due to the belief that our home would always have tenants and generate rent throughout the course of a year. In actuality, the renter may not remain for the entire term of the lease. Sometimes with the current market conditions external factors such as inflation or the crisis happening with the global supply chain. 

For gross rental yield calculation to find a better estimation is by predicting a few months for no renters. Reducing the number of tenant months in the yearly rent estimate to just 9-11 months will result in a yield because a property might not have a renter and have no income for a few months. Rentals are closer to reality, as instead of calculating your monthly rent and times by 12, we can times by 10 for example. 

The rate of return of gross rental yield is calculated as followed: 

Return on rent = ($29,560 / $732,272) x 100 = 4.03%

Furthermore there is a second type of rental yield calculation which is net rental yield or capitalization rate. 

Rental Yield Calculating Infographics
Rental Yield Calculations

Net Rental Yield (Capital Growth) 

The second method for calculating differs from the gross rental yield as in real estate they are various expenses as well such as: maintenance expenses, common area expenses, juristic person, a few more. These small and a few expenses total to a small amount, but should not be overlooked with your investment real estate to properly calculate your constant passive income. 

Net Rental Yield or capitalization rate is the expected rate of return on a real estate investment properly, according to investopedia

Net rental yield calculation is factored into the estimate using this way. The anticipated rental income for the year will be subtracted from the total expenses for the year as the anticipated rental income for the year. 

The calculation for net rental yield is as followed: 

Net Rental Yield = (expected rental income for the year* / purchase property price) x 100 

Another small calculator for ‘“expected rental income for the year” = expected rent received throughout the year - total expenses for the year. 

We will use the same example as above to keep the calculation simple. 

You as a real estate investor buy an apartment for $732,272 and rent it for $2,956 per month for a period of 12 months, but the estimated rent is only for 10 months. So, the expected rent for the whole year amounts to ($2,956 x 10) = $29,560 

However, during the same time, you as an investor pay the common fee to the juristic person every month, pays the common fee areas every month for example. For the apartment your common fee to pay every month is $341. We get common fee expenses for ($341 x 12) = $4,092 

Expected rental income for the year = ($29,560 - $4,092) = $25,468 

Net Rental Yield = ($25,468 / $732,272) x 100 = 3.47% Per Annum 

Where to Invest Property in Southeast 

The Estelle Phrom Phong Provide High Rental Yield
The Estelle Phrom Phong Apartment Sale with High Rental Yield

From the example above is an actual apartment for sale in Bangkok, Thailand named The Estelle Phrom Phong. We did the actual calculations, for gross rental yield and net rental yield to find the percentage of the partment unit, especially from a two bedroom apartment unit. 

Zooming out a little, and considering Southeast Asia countries includes: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. 

According to data by global property guide, Thailand real estate annual yield amounts to 5.13%, just behind Cambodia of 5.33%, and Thailand is above Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam by a whole 1 percentage points. 

The data points collected and calculated are from the prime location of each country such as Thailand is at Sukhumvit, Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh Center, and of course Singapore is from Orchard Road. 

Real Estate Investment in 2023 with Bitcoin

Looking into the future, real estate investment in Southeast Asia brings a good value of rental yield to investors. Amount of 5% which is a great rental yield and a return of investment for your apartment property. With price dipping in Thailand and the baht depreciation against the strong US dollar, the value of real estate for foreign investments into Thailand is there with constant passive income whether in luxury real estate, villas, or even pet-friendly condos in Thailand. Check out the guide for pet-friendly condo here.

What Is A Good Rental Yield? 

What defines a strong rental income will vary depending on where you plan to purchase and your real estate investment strategy. 

Gross rental returns often fall between 3 and 5% in metropolitan regions, notably state capitals. Gross rental yield in rural areas can reach 5% or higher. 

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