Best Pet-Friendly Condos to Invest in Hua-Hin 2023

pet-friendly condo

Residents of the new generation who live in condos need to have a pet with them. Furthermore, during the pandemic, we are, mainly Gen Y who lived in condos got lonely. Currently with the rise of pet-friendly condos, there is a solution to have a flurry friend. Then they need to live with pets rather than live alone. According to real estate trends, from October 2021 until now, residents in the new generation or Gen Y (25-36 years of age) are looking through pets-friendly condos in Hua Hin of around 35.54%.

In 2022, there will be more than five pet-friendly condos in Hua Hin with a sales price of 850K - 10M THB. What's more, these are Gen Y home purchasers' optimal condos in Hua Hin due to their capacity to meet the issues of residents who own pets. Moreover, people also need a welcoming environment inside their homes. 

Where is Hua-Hin

Hua Hin is located in the Prachuab Khiri Khan province of Thailand, about 200 kilometers south of Bangkok. Hua Hin a nice three hour drive from Bangkok City, but as someone who drove to Hua Hin numerous of times, with your friends is a fun and enjoyable time from Bangkok and mates pet-friendly condos in Bangkok.

Hua Hin is a popular tourist destination and a favorite getaway for expats and locals living in Bangkok. It's a coastal resort town with an international airport, shopping malls, and golf courses.

Best Pet-Friendly Condos in Hua Hin 2023

Sansara Black Mountain

Sansara Black Mountain Hua HIn Pet-Friendly Condos

Sansara Black Mountain allows residents to have pets. You can have pets inside including dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters. Inside the project is spacious enough for residents who need to grow pets. Additionally, there also has many leisure facilities which allow your pet to come in, such as a lounge, and a communal garden.

The Royal Princess Condominium

Another condo pet-friendly in Hua Hin is The Royal Princess Condominium. In addition to cats and dogs, every kind of pet in the project. It’s one of the condos favored by people in Gen Y. Due to its reasonable price and ideal location near Hua Hin. Additionally, there also has many leisure facilities which allow your pet to come in, such as a playground and clubhouse. 

The Royal Princess Condominium

This issue reflect's real estate patterns in Gen Y buyers. They frequently purchase condo pet-friendly in Hua Hin close to the beach and convenience stores. People actually need to have pets while they live in condominiums because pets can offer them enjoyment while they live alone. Therefore, condos are pet-friendly and can meet Gen Y purchasers' needs.

For information on condo pet-friendly in other parts of Thailand such as Pattaya check out the blog here. Pattaya pet-friendly condos.

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