Pattaya Condo Investment: Should I Buy in 2023

Pattaya City

The Eastern Coast of Thailand has undergone significant changes in the last two years. Naturally, this was driven by necessity. With the loss of foreign visitors, Pattaya, Rayong, and surrounding provinces of Chon-Bur, Thailand. The region had to concentrate on building sustainable support systems that would enable it to endure the loss of tourism. The regions main source of income.

Pattaya is the place where this is most obvious. From being the filthy beach town Bangkokians laughed at, it has transformed into a family-friendly location where they want to buy a second house. The city has seen a remarkable makeover.

What does this all mean for purchasing a condo in Pattaya in 2022? Let's examine two projects at the two opposing ends of the price spectrum and respond to some fundamental market problems.

Pattaya Condo Investments Outlook in 2023


How Pattaya is Different?

Right now a stroll through Pattaya is a real eye-opener. The roads are beautiful and the beaches are blue. It feels absolutely different, and somehow what we all needed. The city made a concerted effort to construct projects meant to entice visitors from Bangkok and it appears that they were successful.

The Pattaya Ocean side has undoubtedly become a livelier area as a result of the scene redevelopment. The Jomtien Ocean side reclamation project has since completely altered that part of the city. Whatever the case, there is more to it than that. Pattaya has finally accepted the goal of being a family-friendly destination after numerous starts and pauses.

What More Change in Pattaya

The U-Tapao Global Air terminal, which offered a variety of international programs prior to the Coronavirus episode, has received a lot of attention. Recently, the first direct Air Canada flight landed in Bangkok. These will ultimately continue, along with the construction of the high-speed rail route connecting it to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi and Wear Mueang airports. These have obvious importance.

However, the M7 Bangkok-Pattaya road has genuinely changed the game. Between the Thai capital and the resort city, the journey time has completely decreased, and other Eastern Seaboard cities' street interfaces have also advanced.

Should I Buy Pattaya Condo?

Pattaya Condo
Pattaya Condo

The best real estate deals, it should be noted, are long gone. Additionally, the second round of reductions has ended. There are still occasional deals to be had, but prices have largely stabilized.

In terms of the selection, though, it's an excellent moment to buy. Now that visitors are beginning to return and local buyers have already secured the properties they desired, options are still available. The situation might have significantly changed by the end of 2022 as more in-person buyers have secured the apartment they want.

As a result, while condo prices may not change much this year, there will be fewer high-quality units available, making this a good time to buy.

Pattaya Condo Investments Outlook in 2023

Real Estate Investments
More Opportunities in Pattaya

Investing in a Pattaya condo in 2022 is not suited to speculators looking for a quick flip. The market is now driven by end users, and while returns may be possible this year, that is an optimistic timeline. It is essential to invest in the right areas, such as Wong Amat Beach, which has the second highest property sales rate in Pattaya, but there is no beachfront land for future projects. Now is the time to secure the holiday home you want today and potentially benefit from returns in the future.

Two Great Pattaya Condo to Invest

Arom Wongamat

Arom Wongamat is redefining luxury living with its 5,000 sqm of leisure facilities. From swimming pools, fitness centers and yoga rooms to golf simulators, kids playrooms, and direct beach access, you can keep active all day. The top three floors boast an incredible 35m Infinity View Sky Pool, Sky Jacuzzi, Sky Co Kitchen, and Sky Lounge.

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom 81 sqm condo will take your breath away with its stunning sea views. The living and dining areas open to a spacious balcony, and the condo comes fully-fitted with superior materials and finishes. Don't miss this opportunity to own an incredible property in a prime location - get yours today!

Grand Solaire Pattaya Condo

Pattaya Condo
Pattaya Condo Grand Solaire

Grand Solaire Pattaya Condo, which is big in both name and scale, offers the pinnacle of luxury condo living. Built on 14.5 Rai and close to Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya City's highest residential skyscraper provides a lifestyle that is unmatched in the city. displaying a plethora of resort amenities, including, to mention a few, a meandering wave pool, football, basketball, and tennis courts, a sky-high yoga zone, pitch and putt golf, an Onsen hot bath, a health spa, and a well-stocked gym.

Amazing ocean views of Koh Larn may be seen from this property that is partially furnished. It has lavish marble-styled tiling, kitchen finishes made of glass and black marble, high-quality fixtures, and a great layout that maximizes space. This VIP condo is 137 sqm in size and offers a balcony in addition to a private pool and sundeck.

For every investments, there is a need for return. In real estate they are various ways to calculate return of investments. We have a easy to read guide on 2 rental yield formulas to calculate on your property investments return.

Of course, they are more ways to calculator, which will come in our next guide.

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