Thailand Brings Back COVID Rules For Travelers – Scraped

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Updated on 09/01/2023

Thailand COVID 19 rule is scraped today. Travelers to Thailand need not to show proof of vaccination of COVID 19.

The necessary Covid-19 vaccination certificate for admission into the country was reinstated by the Thai government just a few days ago, however as of Monday, the rule is no longer in effect. Following their decision to reopen to the rest of the world, the regulation, which was reintroduced last week and took effect on Monday, was implemented in anticipation of a big influx of travelers, notably from China.

Thailand - Anutin Charnvirakul, Thailand's public health minister, declared on Sunday that the country will no longer require travelers to possess documentation of their Covid-19 vaccine.

Anutin informed reporters. Due to widespread immunization, no vaccination proof was required, and individuals who were unvaccinated may enter without limitation.

Prior to China reopening its borders, the aviation regulator replaced it with new regulations that were revealed on Saturday.

Thailand, one of the most well-liked tourism destinations in Asia, is experiencing a rise in visitors during its first peak season following the elimination of tough entrance restrictions in 2022.

Thailand COVID 19 rule (no longer inplace)

Previous version wrote on 08/01/2023

As the South-east Asian country gets ready for an anticipated influx of Chinese tourists, Thailand will impose Covid-19 entry procedures for visitors arriving by air starting on Monday.

According to comments made by Saksayam Chidchob and posted on the website of the minister's political party, adults must provide evidence of at least two vaccines or proof of their recovery from the virus since July.

Visitors who are unvaccinated will need a medical certificate to support their absence of immunizations, according to a Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand statement published online. Rules are in effect till January 31.

Thailand COVID Rules Implemented

Thailand airport during COVID
Adults must wear face mask and follow along Thailand COVID rule: Source

The announcement also stated that visitors from nations that need Covid-19 tests for travelers arriving from Thailand must have health insurance while traveling.

This month, India started requiring Covid-19 tests for travelers from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. India is one of the countries that recently reinstituted Covid-19 entrance requirements.

As China quickly abandons its zero-tolerance measures, restoring the nation to the rest of the world and eliminating quarantine for arrivals beginning on January 8, entrance conditions are once again implemented in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Chinese Tourist Re-Entering Thailand

It comes during the time Thailand is preparing to open it doors to tourist and visitors from China. Pre-COVID, Thailand welcome also 20 million tourist and visitors from China to the "Land of Smiles". As Chinese market is a big sector for Thailand in real estate and in tourism. Check out how Chinese buyers dominate Thailand condo sales here.

Secondly the COVID rules that Thailand bring back is align with the Lunar New Year happening on the third week of January.

After surpassing its goal of 10 million foreign visitors last year and experiencing a better-than-anticipated revival of its crucial tourism sector, Thailand anticipates 300,000 Chinese visitors in the first quarter of this year.

In accordance with the reinstated regulations, airlines are expected to check travelers' eligibility to enter Thailand, and anyone suspected of exhibiting Covid symptoms will be encouraged to get tested once they arrive. The announcement stated that passengers in route to other locations are excluded.

From today January 8 2023 Thailand is welcoming Chinese tourist and are planning for a big influx of tourist from various major countries in Asia such as India, Hong Kong, and more. Let's see how this big swift can turn into a positive change in Thailand.


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