Weekend In Pattaya 2022: Indian Wedding, A New Pattaya?

Pattaya City

First week of December, Christmas is coming and the New Year is just a few weeks away. What do you do to prepare for the month of holidays and celebration? Oh yes, you travel to Pattaya, visit the city once more, and go for a wonderful night at a Indian Wedding.

It was a wonderful time to go back to the "City of Sins", visit nice beaches, and of course variety other reasons to go to Pattaya City. However, somethings has changed, and you can not be sure if things you start to think. Is it better that the coastal town is different? Or you miss the crazy, fun-going, Pattaya City?

Let's dig some more and find out, how Pattaya changed for the better. And of course how the fun snippet experience of the Indian Wedding too.

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding?

Indian weddings are typically a blend of traditional and modern elements. The dress code can vary depending on the specific cultural and religious traditions. Here are a few general guidelines for what to wear to an Indian wedding:

  • For men you mainly wear formal attire such suits or tuxedos to an Indian wedding. However if you are relative of the family men may choose to wear traditional Indian clothing, such as a sherwani or kurta pyjama.
  • For women it is common for women to wear traditional Indian clothing such as a saree, lehenga, or salwar kameez. Saris or lehnega are often colorful and elaborately adorned with embroidery, sequins, and other embellishments. If you are not comfortable wearing traditional Indian clothing, a formal gown or dress is perfectly fine.
  • In general its about to have fun, be respectful and have a great time during Indian weddings to celebrate.

Let's continue how with how Pattaya change after the re-opening of the country.

Pattaya City Weekend 2022

Pattaya City Indian Wedding Weekend
Street Food Stalls Pattaya City Weekend

The moment we went to Pattaya we wanted to check out all the main parts of Pattaya City. Such as going to have amazing somtum at the beach, to going to Koh Larn island. Of course going to walk-street, and more reasons. The beach we went in Jomtien. It was peaceful, and calming. Yes villa to rent Jometien, Pattaya are quiet in generally. But this time it was different. Street food stalls, turn into cafe like spaces. Somtum on the beaches, was still there, but you could not eat way to close to the beach as before.

More coffee shop like cafes, cleaner sidewalks, more restaurants type looking street food stalls. Apparently the street food stalls have more variety. It is dominated by Thai food anymore. You got some Chinese hotspot, you got some Vietnamese pho, and more. The prices are very reasonable as well.

Thai Food Pattaya City
Thai Food: Pattaya City

But of course, they are always Thai food. At Pattaya City, you got to eat Thai food at a quirky looking bar on the road side to enjoy a spicy meal. With a fried egg on top dizzying with fresh chilis mix with fish sauce.

How Different is Pattaya in December 2022?

Nevertheless, more and more cafes, niche restaurants, and shopping malls developing around Pattaya City, you got to try some. Try the latte and the cake, and you got to say it was delicious. The latte was 55 baht, which is very decent price. Slowly and steadily, it got you thinking: is new Pattaya City good change?

You got to think about how Pattaya in the future is turning to became the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor), a big project of Thailand, turning into a big port. Good of exporting and importing, and a high-speed train connecting with China and Singapore, passing through Pattaya.

Similar to Phuket, the beach town have high hopes to become a new jewel of Thailand. New foreign investments, new economic center of trade and supply production equals to a new development of the coastal town. Another factor of the change is attributed to real estate. Chinese buyers slowly and surely was the biggest in the region. After the pandemic, the buyers from China are ready to boast Thailand real estate.

Indian Wedding In Pattaya: Snippet

Moving on we are here in the beach, and what you got to do in the beach. Go and enjoy in the sun, sip some more coffee, and at the Indian wedding before it starts practice dancing again. As working-out for a bit is good before enjoying the delicious, Indian food of chicken tikka, naan, paneer, and more. We can not forget the sweets of Gulab jamun at Indian wedding.

Where to Stay In Pattaya 2022?

Pattaya City Villa
Let's Hyde Villa for stay in Pattaya

Pattaya is a town that does not sleep, so let's stay at a villa that is quiet, and a bit hidden. Pattaya villa for rent have plenty of variety. From a nice sea-view villa, to mountain top house, or a hidden villa room in the middle of the town. Let's Hyde Villa is a beautiful location, nestle in the town. You would not know you are right in the middle of everything action-packed in the beach town. You can walk around you like, even to the street markets nearby a shopping center.

The room is very spacious, the location got 2 swimming pools, decent breakfast, and of course high-speed wifi. Oh and a swimming pool right in front for you, with a nice beach chair to sit and relax in the city.

Check-out the booking here, it is amazing. We just liked the place and though it is nice to share a very good location with great pricing at a beautiful beach town.

Finally Thought's

Pattaya City Beach
Pattaya City Beach

At the end of the weekend, it was an amazing, relaxing, yet different beach experience. The new or old Pattaya we are not sure what is better. Except change is good, and see what can happen. What was amazing was the experience of the beach-style Indian wedding with great food. We got to see how Pattaya will be in the near future, but it is very exciting to wait and watch.

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