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Looking for a new place to call home in Thailand? You might want to check out Pattaya, a city on the east coast of the country that's a popular choice for expats and retirees. While Pattaya has a reputation for its lively nightlife, it's also a city with a lot to offer - from beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, to great entertainment and shopping options, a wide variety of restaurants, top-notch hospitals and international schools. Plus, the cost of living is relatively affordable and the quality of life is high. Many people dream of living in Pattaya for its relaxing atmosphere.

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Pattaya Lifestyle

Pattaya Beach Lifestyle
Pattaya Beach: SOURCE

In Pattaya, there are various lifestyle options for foreigners. But generally speaking, it's a fun place to live. From large retail malls to breathtaking beaches, the city has everything you could possibly need to live peacefully. Living in Pattaya enables you to partake in a wide variety of activities both during the day and at night.

All different kinds of street stalls, night markets, supermarkets, and shopping centers can be found around Pattaya. one of Central Festival Pattaya's busiest shopping centers. International brand names and a wide variety of cuisines, from regional to global, can be found inside this mall. Additionally, it contains a movie theater and a bowling alley, making it a haven for amusement.

The city is home to a large number of supermarkets, including Big C, Siamburi's, BritiShop, and Villa Market. In addition to local goods, some stores also carry imported goods.

Dining Lifestyle in Pattaya, Thailand 

Grill Prawns in Pattaya
Pattaya Delicious Seafood

When it comes to dining, Pattaya has a ton of wonderful restaurants, snack bars, and food stalls that serve both regional and international cuisine. You'll find it difficult to travel more than 100 meters without having your senses titillated by some delectably alluring scents.

Thailand's beaches are nonetheless stunning even though they are undoubtedly not the best. After work or on the weekends, you can unwind and relax on the beaches. Pattaya Beach, which is surrounded by a variety of hotels, residences, and restaurants, is one of the most well-known.

Food is and are the top reasons to move to Thailand and especially Pattaya for delicious seafood on the beach-side. They are various incentive and reasons to move to Pattaya, check out, the guide of 9 reasons of why you should check-out the beach town.

Pros of living in Pattaya

Beautiful beauty may be seen at Pattaya, a coastal city with lovely beaches and a lot of lovely surrounding greenery. If you enjoy "outdoorsy" activities and love the beach, Pattaya has lots to offer to fulfill your needs.

  • A vibrant, multinational community can be found in Pattaya, providing you with a rare chance to interact and make friends with individuals from all over the world.
  • Excellent cuisine: Thailand is known for having one of the best and most diverse cuisines in the world. Even if Thai food isn't your thing, there are still plenty of 5-star dining establishments and fast-food places for you to enjoy.

For a detailed list of pros and cons of living in Pattaya, click here.

Property in Pattaya 

Property in Pattaya
Property in Pattaya City

In Pattaya, there are many different kinds of properties available that are good for both family homes and investments. The center of the city and several seaside districts, notably Na Kluea and Wongamat, have been replaced by contemporary high-rise residences. Huai Yai, for instance, has a large selection of lovely private villas that can suit a variety of budgets. Areas close outside the city, however, do not.

Go to the east of the city, away from the ocean, to places like Nong Prue and Map Prachan if you're seeking affordable properties. More cheap villas, townhomes, and condos for rent in around Pattaya are available here. Jomtien, Wongamat/Na Kluea, and Pratumnak are excellent choices for mid-range to high-end luxury houses. From luxurious pool villas to expensive beachfront condos, everything is available.

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot to do in Pattaya with a bustling lifestyle in Pattaya. Situated very close-by to Bangkok City, there is just a lot of wonderful things to do in Pattaya.

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