Thailand Tourism Hits 11 Million. Bangkok Top Search on Airbnb

Tourism in Thailand

We all know Thailand is a big tourist hub for anyone traveling during the high seasons. Especially in the fourth quarter every year. Thailand tourism brings in huge revenue and millions of visitors during the last three months of the year. Tourism did not hit pre-pandemic levels as in 2019. In 2019 tourist in Thailand estimated around 40 million raking in a whopping 2.8 trillion baht in revenue.

According to various data collected by the Immigration Bureau, from January 2022 to December 25 2022, tourism in Thailand hit 11.05 million.

Tourist from Malaysia to Thailand top the list with 1.81 million visitors, Malaysia followed by 923,768 visitors from India, 796,220 visitors from Laos, 563,594 visitors from Singapore, and 562,060 visitors from Cambodia.

On the other hand, Suvarnabhumi Airport recorded a total of 5.72 million visitors, Phuket International Airport 1.45 million and Don Mueang International Airport 904, 717 tourism visiting Thailand in the 2022.

According to data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), since the country's reopening, the average daily visitor count into the kingdom has been around 70,000.

European Tourist to Thailand

Thailand Tourism Resort
Resort in Thailand: Photo

From Europe leading country to enter Thailand at the moment is from Russia. Because an increase in charter flights to U-Tapao Airport and direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket have resulted in an average of 5,000 tourists from Russia coming in recent months. More direct flights from Russia to Phuket International Airport and the reconstructed U-Tapao airport nearby Pattaya city is a big factor for more tourist in Thailand. From the continent of America, Air Canada embark on its direct flight to Bangkok City.

According to Mr. Anucha, Thailand has received 1.5 trillion baht in tourist spending money this year, which is half the amount received in 2019.

TAT anticipates that by the next year, the tourist sector will recover to account for 2.8 trillion baht, or 80% of the 2019 total. It has set a goal to draw in 50% of all international tourists in 2019, or roughly 20 million people, as tourist visitation slowly return to pre-Covid levels.

Can Thailand reach the goals for attracting at at least 80% of revenue in 2023?

Bangkok City Tops Airbnb Travel Searches in 2022

Airbnb Travel Search Bar

According to data release by Airbnb from January 1 to September 2022, Bangkok City is the most search to travel in the world.

Airbnb reported that Bangkok was the most popular trending location for travelers worldwide.

The business stated the conclusion was based on searches conducted on Airbnb from January 1 to September 30 for check-ins in 2022 versus the same period in 2021 for check-ins the previous year. The top ten trending locations are, in descending order:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Sydney, Australia
  3. Málaga, Spain
  4. Seoul, South Korea
  5. Melbourne, Australia
  6. Itapema, Brazil
  7. Angra dos Reis, Brazil
  8. Capão da Canoa, Brazil
  9. Auckland, New Zealand
  10. Brisbane, Australia

According to data from Airbnb Bangkok city is in the top 5 most travel searches for 2023 as well.

The top 5 most travel cities searches on Airbnb are:

  1. Malaga
  2. Sydney
  3. Melbourne
  4. Auckland
  5. Bangkok

Where to rent property in Bangkok

With travelers coming back soon and Bangkok is rocking top searches on Airbnb. Thailand is preparing itself for a good year ahead with its tourism economy. On the other hand for tourist visitings some are here for a short stay or some are here for a long stay. You might be wondering where can I rent property in Bangkok for my stay.

Down below are two affordable and great condos to rent in Bangkok City.

1. Hyde Sukhumvit Soi 11

Infinity Swimming Pool at Hyde 11

A beautiful, luxurious, condo in the heart of Bangkok City. Located in the popular neighborhood for Nana and very close by to Asoke Road. The 1 bedroom at Hyde is perfect to relax and chill. With a infinity pool on the 37 floor you can to see the most beautiful view of Bangkok City from the top of the world. Secondly the condo is in all action-pack social lifestyle. From amazing restaurants, niche cafes and bar, and much more.

2. The Lofts Asoke

Seeking for a more duplex style living, The Lofts Asoke is a perfect for people wanting a active social lifestyle with the most easy transportation. You are in the heart of the town. You get to travel to all cultural attraction from here with the MRT just a 3 minutes walk away. Secondly the apartment is wide and spacious that if you want to work they are lots of spaces to work here.

We will have to wait and see would Thailand reach it target for attracting more than 20 million tourist in 2023. But with many countries re-opening people are tired to be at home or in the same city. In 2023 they might not be the traditional high season or low season for traveling. People would just want to travel whenever they can. But from various data collected, it seems Thailand can reach it's target on tourism for 2023.

Check out the guide here to rent condos in Pattaya.

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