Southeast Asia News Presenting Signs of Recovery in 2023

Southeast Asia

Markets in Southeast Asia are ready for a recovery starting the year 2023. During end of 2022, news from Southeast Asia real estate market, and various other economies are showing sign of recovery. 
Starting of with the Southeast Asia market news with one of its largest economy of Indonesia. 

As Southeast Asia's largest economy emerges from a virus outbreak crisis, Indonesia is getting ready to reveal more information about its long-term residency visa program in an effort to draw foreign cash and property investors, notably from mainland China and Hong Kong.

To compete with incentives in comparable programs offered by its regional neighbors like Malaysia and Thailand, officials in Jakarta have so far indicated a minimum threshold of US$30,000 in bank savings and a tax exemption on offshore income.

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The plan could raise local real estate values and promote travel to Bali and other well-known islands. According to a central bank survey released in August, the primary home market's midyear rebound lost steam despite the country's US trillion GDP expanded at a rate of 5.7% last quarter.

Southeast Asia News

Thailand and Malaysia (Real Estate)

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Thailand started taking applications in September for its Long Term Residency program, which includes a 10-year local residency and aims to attract affluent or talented foreigners over the following five years. The program's goal is to raise US$27 billion in new capital.

The Malaysian scheme demands a minimum of 1.5 million ringgit (US$334,000) in bankable assets and a minimum of 40,000 ringgit in monthly offshore income. According to data gathered by Juwai IQI, the "second home" initiative has drawn over 42,000 foreigners, with a third of them coming from Hong Kong and mainland China.

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To draw purchasers to their properties, real estate developers like Magnum Estate and Samahita Group are also utilizing the visa program. Bali's top tourist attraction is most likely to be a target.

According to a company spokeswoman, Magnum Estate provides 165 oceanfront residences in Sanur, with prices starting at US$375,000. Each has a 52-year lease with a 30-year extension option, which is longer than the average 25-year lease in Bali's housing market.


The law was changed by the government to make it possible for foreigners to own freehold properties in Thailand. It costs between 10 and 15 million Thai Bath to rake it in.

In addition, the new law will increase the proportion of foreign owners in Thailand condo for sale from 49% to 80%. This law is about New Royal Act to allow the foreigner owns the housing estate by Freehold.

This time, the Land Code will be changed to let foreigners to own a single home, but only in housing estate projects with proposed prices surpassing 10 million Thai Baht. This will assist in absorbing the surplus of units on the Thai market. Additionally, anticipate that the government will permit foreign purchases of up to 49% of the project's total area.

In addition, the government intends to amend the Leasing Property for Commercial and Industrial Act to permit foreigners to lease for 50 years plus 40 years in order to increase investor confidence abroad.

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