Property Types in the World: Your Only Go-to-Guide in 2023

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Are you a property enthusiast curious about the different types of properties around the world? Look no further! We are excited to introduce a new series that will explore 23 different property types from around the world, from single-family homes to condo to treehouses and everything in between. We will provide some funky and cool type of properties in the up-coming series.

Each week, we will dive into a different type of property, discussing their unique features, history and what makes them so special. Whether you're a real estate investor looking for inspiration or just a curious homebuyers starting out their journey to purchase a home. This series is sure to captivate and inform you for the various type of properties that will suit your lifestyle and character.

6 Property Types

Let's begin our series with the 6 most common property types you can find anywhere in the world. From the United States to the country down under in Australia, to the beach town of Pattaya City and to the mountains area of Germany.

You are going to go through a journey of a world-wide real estate types to find your dream home for the next chapter your next and exciting chapter in life.

Single-Family Homes(Attached)

Single-family homes are the most common type of real estate property. They are standalone homes that are designed to accommodate one family. Single-family homes offer many benefits, including privacy, space, and customization options. However, they can also be expensive to maintain and have higher utility costs. Additionally, these properties are often located in suburban areas, which can be a disadvantage if you prefer living in the heart of a city. 

Single-family homes are ideal for individuals or families who want privacy and large living space. This property style is mainly fully furnished, so you pack your bags and move in as a family. Here is a guide of 4 different furnished styles of properties.

A single-family home advantage is that you can renovate as much as you want to match your lifestyle and character. Add a music room or BBQ area from the kitchen to your private garden for your perfect Sunday afternoon with your family. 


Townhouses are similar to condos, usually attached to other property units. However, townhouses are often multi-story homes with private entrances and outdoor spaces. This property type is typically three stories or higher. Townhouse provides you with a long hallway leading to multiple bedrooms upstairs. You do have some private garden space. 

Townhouses are designed in clusters, but unlike single-family homes, they are not aligned with any main roads. Resulting in offering more privacy and space than condos but are typically less expensive than single-family homes.

Multi-Family Home (Detached)

Property Type Multi-Family Home
Multi-Family Home Property Type: Popular in Australia Real Estate

Multi-family homes, as the name suggests, are designed to house more than one family. They come in various configurations, from duplexes and triplexes to large detached family homes. These property types are mainly found in suburban areas outside the city because of their spacious layout. 

Detached multi-family homes are great for large families needing plenty of space to decorate various rooms. From having a multi-kids room to having a large kitchen area. They offer your family privacy as they share walls with other families. Multi-family homes are a great investment opportunity for those who want to generate rental income. For a great in-depth guide on the difference between an attached vs. detached home, click here


If you're ready to go big, a mansion might be the ultimate status symbol you've been searching to look for. These splendid and lavish properties are not for the faint of heart or budget. But if you can invest in a massive and extravagant property, a mansion could be what you're looking for the whole time.

When it comes to mansions, there's no one-size-fits-all definition. However, one thing's for sure; they're bound to be imposing and awe-inspiring. Think grand entrance gates, sweeping staircases, sprawling grounds and all-around luxury.

Of course, with great size comes great responsibility. If you're considering purchasing a mansion, be prepared for serious maintenance. Keeping up the pristine landscaping, grounds and gardens could require hiring a full team of professionals, including lawn care specialists and gardeners. 

But let's remember the perks of owning a mansion. These extraordinary properties are fitted with every luxury imaginable, from extravagant features like home theaters and wine cellars to grand dining rooms and multi-car garages. And, of course, a mansion is the ultimate way to make a statement and showcase your style and success to the world.

Property types infographic
Different type of properties: Source by BankRate

Mediterranean Homes

When you're in a sun-soaked area, there's nothing quite like a Mediterranean-style home to make you feel like you're on a permanent vacation. To spot one of these unique homes, look for those iconic red tile roofs and white stucco walls paired with arched windows.

Mediterranean homes have become increasingly popular in warmer climates. They are drawing inspiration from the architecture of Greece and Spain. From Southern Europe to even the South of Germany, to Dubai and starting to have an emerging trend in the Southeast region. 

One of the best things about Mediterranean-style homes is that they're designed for outdoor living. Think balconies, terraces and courtyards perfect for lounging in the sunshine or hosting gatherings with friends and family. And with the right landscaping, palm trees and fragrant flowers, you'll feel like you're living in your own slice of the Mediterranean. So why not let your home be your oasis and escape to a Mediterranean-inspired paradise today?

6. Condos 

Condos or condominiums, are a popular real estate property type especially for city dwellers in major metropolitan cities. They are units in a building or complex that are individually owned. Condos are perfect for individuals or small families who want to own property but do not need the space of a single-family home. This type of property is very low maintenance compared to a single-family home where you have to take the lawn moaner out. To purchase a condo is relativeity easier process then going for larger property types. Here is a full guide on the best times to buy properties.

Advantages for condos is that you can create your own space. You can re-decorate with a different color palette that matches your character. You even have stunning and spectacular views of the city or river depending on your location. Every Sunday morning take your cup of coffee to the balcony and enjoy the scenic view without the worry of having to cut your grass every weekend. 

Condos come with shared amenities such as a pool, gym, or playground, and are often managed by a homeowners association. 

What's Next

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Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the world of property types!

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