Why Generation Y Searching For Pet-Friendly Condo?

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The new generation prefers to live in a pet-friendly condo because it supports them as it helps out with depression, loneliness, and keeps you active while living in a big city such as Bangkok. Especially during the pandemic, where there was a lockdown and you had to live and work in your room.|Particularly when there was a lockdown during the epidemic and you had to live and work in your room. For instance, having a dog encouraged increased activity. For example, it was great when you had a dog you were more active. You went for walks with the sun at your face with your dog, it brought you social interaction with your neighbors, or meeting new people while you were at the common areas. Pets bring us joy that we would not want to find sometimes in our busy life.

So my question is: What if, instead of forcing dogs to fit our modern lives, we set about making modern life more hospitable to pets?

Living with pets according to real estate trends, from October 2021 until now, people in the new generation or Gen Y (22-36 years old) are searching  pets-friendly condo, an increase of 39.59% compared to October 2020 searches of condo that are pet-friendly was at 25.43%.

According to Statista.com, around 71% of people own pets in Thailand as of January 2022. The stats included all citizens living and working in Thailand.Bangkok being the populous city in Thailand amounts to 40% of the pet owners in Thailand.

Not only Thai citizens prefer to have pets in their condo, as expats in Bangkok prefer to have dogs or cats in their homes.However older condos do not allow pets or you might even have the bridge, the security guards and cleaners to have pets in your condo rooms.

Would it be great to have condos which are made for owners with pets and even for pets to have their own common area? The answer is YES! Bangkok developers have recently tapped into the market of condos to target pet owners in Bangkok City. On the other hand, you would not even have to worry about your landlord complaining about your pets messing up the rooms or the common areas in your condo.

In 2022, there will be more than 20 pet-friendly condos in Bangkok developed with a sales price of 1-45 M THB and these are Gen Y home buyers' ideal condo to buy in Bangkok because of their ability to meet the needs of residents who own pets. Additionally, people also need a homey atmosphere inside their room. So if there are any condo containing facilities like a home such as pet-allowed and facilities for a pet, there becomes a desirable condo for Gen Y home buyers and renters.

Down below we have listed two new condo in the Bangkok area that are catered to pet owners.

Brixton Pet and Play Condo

BRIXTON Pet and Play Sukhumvit 107 is more than a low-rise condominium that allows residents to have pets. Your condo has plenty of facilities, including pet grooming, a pet shop, and a pet hotel Additionally, the project rooftop provides a leisure area for your pets and your children. They also offer pet care while you are at work. It can relieve your anxiety about pets being lonely.

My Condo Ladprao Pet-Friendly

Another pet-friendly condo in Bangkok is M Ladprao, Chatuchak. Except for cats and dogs, only rabbits and hamsters are allowed in the condo. It's one of Gen Y's condos favored by people due to its affordable price and an ideal location near Phahon Yothin MRT Station. In addition to internal factors, the Chatuchak-Ladprao community has a low cost of living. 

This issue can reflect real estate trends in Gen Y. They often buy pet-friendly condos like Bearing and Chatuchak in Bangkok. People still need to have pets while living in condos because pets can bring them joy back when living alone. So, pet-friendly condos can meet Gen Y buyers' needs. 

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