Bangkok Condos Near BTS and MRT: Local Guide [2023]

Bangkok BTS skytrain at night

Bangkok condo with easy access to public transportation and leisure spots, living near a BTS or MRT station can be a great option. However, it's essential to consider the pros and cons of each and find insider tips to help you score the best deal.

You are here because you are thinking and on process of seeking to purchase or rent condo near-by Bangkok BTS skytrain and MRT stations. You came to the right place. We are going to give you some pros and cons for why living nearby these transportation system is provides great value.

Additionally what leisure spots such as Siam Paragon shopping mall to parks are near-by all popular BTS skytrains and MRT stations. For you homebuyers to make a well-informed decision before purchasing a condo in Bangkok City.

Pros and Cons of Living Near BTS and MRT Stations

As always we are going to dive right in some benefits and of course a few drawbacks on living in a condo nearby BTS stations and MRT in Bangkok City.

BTS and MRT stations each have their advantages and disadvantages. BTS has a more extensive network that covers many key areas in Bangkok, including the economic center of the country. It's also closer to popular entertainment and dining destinations, such as Asok, Phrom Phong, and Nana. However, BTS fares can be more expensive compared to MRT.

On the other hand, MRT has a more limited route, but it offers cheaper fares and is an excellent option for those living in more residential areas. Some popular MRT stations to consider include Sukhumvit, Sam Yan, Rama 9, Ratchada, Chatuchak, and Bang Sue.

Now we have got some benefits and drawbacks out of the way for you seeking to live in a condo in Bangkok City nearby by BTS and MRT. Let's continue on towards what are popular real estate projects nearby popular stations.

Bangkok condo room near BTS
Bangkok condo room near BTS. Modern structure and living space: SOURCE

Several real estate projects near these BTS stations are worth considering. Circle Rein Sukhumvit 12, Le Premier 1, Noble Recole, The Waterford Diamond, Vittorio 39, and Liv at 49 are some of the best condos for sale near Asok, Phrom Phong, and Nana BTS stations. These projects offer a variety of units, from studios to penthouses, and come with various amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security.

Next we are moving forward to the most popular MRT station named: Sukhumvit nearby Terminal 21 at Asoke Intersection.

Real Estate Projects near Sukhumvit MRT Station

If you prefer a condo near an MRT station, Sukhumvit MRT is a great option. The Room Sukhumvit 21 and Asoke Place are two of the best condos for sale near Sukhumvit MRT, offering residents easy access to the station and a range of amenities. Both of the project offer great value in return. From big and spacious rooms nestled right in the middle of the city. To amazing rooftop swimming pool. That you can feel you are at the top of the world, watching Bangkok beautiful skyline in peace.

Additionally, one thing to keep in mind when purchasing a condo near a BTS or MRT station is that the price can vary greatly depending on the location and the specific project. As such, it's important to set a budget and research various options before making a final decision.

graph LR A[MRT Blue Line]--> B(Sukhumvit) A--> C(Silom) A-->D(Phahonyothin) E[BTS Skytrain]--> B E--> C E--> F(Siam) E--> G(Ekkamai)

Bangkok Condo Budget Friendly near BTS

In terms of budget-friendly options, there are several areas that offer affordable condos near BTS and MRT stations. For example, On Nut and Bang Chak are both popular residential areas with condos that are reasonably priced and still offer convenient access to public transportation. Other budget-friendly areas include Wongwian Yai, Bang Na, and Bearing.

On the other hand, in Bangkok there are several upcoming developments near BTS and MRT stations that are worth considering. For instance, the Noble Around Sukhumvit 33 project, located near Phrom Phong BTS station, is a luxury development that offers modern, spacious units with top-of-the-line amenities. The Base Saphanmai, located near the MRT Purple Line, is another excellent option, offering affordable units with convenient access to public transportation.

As Bangkok City never stops growing and continues to grow more with additional purple line and yellow line BTS skytrain too.

What's Next

When searching for a condo near a BTS or MRT station, it's important to work with a reputable real estate agent who has extensive knowledge of the local market. They can help you navigate the various options and find the perfect condo for your lifestyle and budget.

In conclusion, living near a BTS or MRT station can be a great way to enjoy all that Bangkok has to offer while saving time and money on transportation. By researching various neighborhoods and real estate projects, setting a budget, and working with a reputable agent, you can find the perfect condo for your needs and live the ultimate urban lifestyle in Bangkok.

As here we are passionate about investments especially in real estate. We have gone through some hard findings for real estate investing and you would have to experience it as well. First-time homebuyers or seasoned investors will need to make informed decisions before starting the journey in real estate investing.

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